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About WooCommerce

Introducing WooCommerce, an e-commerce platform that is designed to grow with your business. Built on WordPress, this platform is tailored to support both merchants and developers in creating and maintaining successful online stores for the long term.

Taking your business online with WooCommerce starts with finding a reliable host for your store. Whether you’re new to e-commerce or an experienced professional, WooCommerce offers the flexibility to start and expand your online business.

WooCommerce offers developers an open, WordPress-based platform to create dynamic e-commerce solutions for a wide range of clients. This means that custom online stores can be easily developed to meet specific business needs, with a wealth of support and resources at your disposal to ensure your success.

For those already using WooCommerce, a range of extensions and themes are available to enhance and diversify their business. The platform allows you to continuously improve your store’s performance and design without taking a share of your profits.

Merchants can work with trusted WooExpert agencies to increase sales and save time. These agencies help set up and optimise WooCommerce stores, enabling businesses to stay competitive and reach their full potential.

For established merchants looking to expand, WooCommerce offers custom solutions, advanced selling features, and dedicated support. This highlights WooCommerce’s commitment to nurturing business growth and success.

The platform has gained widespread trust and adoption with an impressive 3.6 million online stores built on WooCommerce and a significant presence on 31% of the top 1 million e-commerce sites. These success stories are a testament to the power of WooCommerce. Additionally, its association with WordPress, which powers 43% of the web, cements its position as a cornerstone of the industry, inspiring you to join the ranks of successful online businesses.

The adaptability and extensibility of WooCommerce make it an ideal partner for businesses looking to establish or expand their online presence. Whether you’re starting to sell online or aiming to develop stores for others, WooCommerce empowers you to pursue your goals. Begin your e-commerce journey with WooCommerce and take the first step toward growing your enterprise.

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