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Save when you transfer, spend, and manage your money internationally with Wise Money. Get fee-free transfers of up to £500 if you use a Wise promo code.


Claim fee-free international money transfers up to £500 with a Wise promo code

The "Claim Discount" button you clicked usually works. No promo code required. In case it doesn't work please open Wise App > Go to the Home Tab > Click "Earn & Invite" button > Scroll down to the end > Click "Enter a Referral Link" > Copy & Paste this link to that field: > That's All!

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What is Wise?

Wise is a financial platform allowing you to send, spend, and manage your money internationally easily. With Wise, you can access your funds in over 160 countries, transact in 40 different currencies, and enjoy competitive exchange rates. This ensures savings while conducting global financial transactions.

By using Wise, you can save up to 4x compared to high street banks when you send, spend, and withdraw money in over 40 currencies. With competitive exchange rates, Wise ensures you get the most out of your international financial transactions, allowing you to save money and manage your funds efficiently.

Wise’s low fees for transferring and exchanging money internationally save you up to five times more than high-street banks. This means you can keep more of your hard-earned money when conducting global financial transactions, making Wise a cost-effective choice for managing your funds abroad.

One of Wise’s key features is its multi-currency card. This card automatically converts your funds into the local currency when you purchase or withdraw cash, saving you from expensive exchange fees. With over 40 currencies available, you can travel or conduct business internationally without worrying about carrying multiple currencies or losing money on exchange rates.

When you use Interest on Wise, your money is invested in a fund with government-guaranteed assets, allowing your funds to grow safely. This means that while you spend freely in your Wise account, your money also works for you and generates potential returns. However, it’s imperative to note that there is a risk of capital loss, and your investment’s growth is not guaranteed.

You can also open business accounts with Wise, streamlining your international business operations. With a Wise Business account, you can pay employees, receive payments, and manage your cash flow in multiple currencies. This is all while enjoying competitive exchange rates and low fees. Join the thousands of businesses benefiting from Wise and take your global operations to the next level.

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