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About Voi Scooters

Voi Scooters is a popular micro-mobility service that provides electric scooters and e-bikes for convenient and eco-friendly transportation in urban areas. With their user-friendly app, users can quickly locate and unlock a scooter or bike with just a few taps on their phone, making it a convenient and efficient way to navigate the city. Whether you need to commute to work, run errands, or explore the town, Voi Scooters offers a sustainable and hassle-free solution.

Voi Scooters has quickly expanded its reach and is now available in over 100 towns and cities all across Europe, including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. This wide availability ensures that users can easily access Voi’s convenient and eco-friendly transportation options anywhere in Europe.

With Voi Scooters, getting around the city has never been easier. Download the app, register an account, and use the in-app map to find the nearest e-scooter or e-bike. Unlock it by scanning the QR code on the handlebar, and you’re ready to go – reaching any destination within minutes.

Proper parking is crucial for ensuring the safety and accessibility of public spaces. When using Voi Scooters, following the parking regulations specified in the app for your city is essential. This helps to maintain order, prevent obstruction, and ensure that scooters and bikes are available for other users.

Voi Scooters offers flexible pricing options to suit different needs. Whether you prefer a monthly subscription for unlimited rides, a day pass for occasional use, or simply paying as you go, Voi Scooters has you covered. Prices may vary depending on the city, so check the Voi app for the exact prices in your area and start enjoying the convenience and affordability of micro-mobility.

If you’re unsure whether to choose an e-scooter or an e-bike, consider the distance of your journey. If you need to cover a shorter distance quickly, an e-scooter would be the perfect option. However, if you’re planning to travel longer routes, our e-bikes are designed to provide a comfortable and efficient ride. For beginners, we recommend activating the reduced-speed mode in the app to ensure a smooth learning experience with our e-scooters.

To further promote safe and responsible riding, Voi Scooters provides educational resources to its users, offering tips on proper scooter etiquette and traffic rules. By collaborating with cities, Voi Scooters aims to address specific urban transportation needs and integrate seamlessly with existing public transportation systems, creating a comprehensive and efficient mobility network for all.

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