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50% off Next Five Rides

TIER Promo Code

Get 50% off our next five rides with the TIER promo code. Use an electric scooter to choose a sustainable and emission-free mode of transportation.

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Get 50% off your next five rides with TIER promo code

TIER offers shared electric micro-mobility options as an alternative to traditional urban transport modes. Use an electric scooter to choose a sustainable and emission-free mode of transport.

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About TIER Bikes and Scooters

TIER scooters and bikes revolutionize urban transportation. Their sleek design, sturdy build, and zero-emission operation offer a fun and eco-friendly way to navigate city streets. These electric vehicles have cutting-edge technology, including GPS tracking and smart locks, ensuring a safe and seamless riding experience.

With TIER’s strategically placed e-scooters and bikes throughout the city, finding a convenient mode of transportation is a breeze. By simply locating a TIER vehicle on the map, scanning the QR code, and hopping on, you can easily travel from point A to point B without any hassle or delay.

TIER is rapidly expanding its presence across Europe, with a wide range of electric scooters and bikes available in multiple countries. From Austria and Croatia to Finland and Poland, TIER is committed to providing convenient and eco-friendly transportation options for people all over the continent.

With TIER’s various subscription options, you can enjoy even more benefits and savings. The RIDER PLUS subscription allows you to skip the unlock fee on every ride and gives you an additional 300 minutes. If you prefer a more flexible option, the MONTHLY UNLOCKS subscription eliminates unlock fees and lets you pay only for the minutes you use.

For those planning a day of exploration, the DAY PASS offers up to 45 minutes free during each ride, along with no unlock fees. These subscription options make TIER scooters and TIER electric bikes even more convenient and cost-effective for urban travel.

The TIER App and User Experience

The TIER App makes renting a ride quick and easy. With a few simple steps, you can open the app, locate the nearest TIER electric scooter, bike, or moped, and be on your way. This user-friendly interface ensures you can navigate your city easily, reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Surfing through the city has never been easier with TIER’s intuitive app and user-friendly interface. Download the app, sign up, and add your preferred payment method. Then, locate a TIER scooter or bike near you on the map. Scan the QR code to unlock it and start your ride. With just a push of the throttle, you’ll glide through the streets and enjoy TIER’s micro-mobility options.

Once you’ve reached your destination, find a safe place to park the scooter or bike and flick the kickstand down. Then, open the TIER scooter app and tap ‘End Ride’ to complete your journey. Now, you can get out there and live your most fulfilling life, knowing you’ve contributed to a more sustainable future.

Before hopping on a TIER scooter or bike, familiarize yourself with your city’s rules and regulations. Always ride responsibly, wear a helmet, and park in designated areas. TIER’s app provides real-time information on scooter availability and charging stations, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey.

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