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Discover the United Kingdom's Museum of Popular Music and save on tickets with The British Music Experience discount code. Explore the history of British rock and pop with iconic memorabilia, stage outfits, and musical instruments from legendary artists.

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Save 15% at The British Music Experience to discover the ultimate history of British Rock & Pop

Discover the Ultimate History of British Rock Pop. The BME is the UK's Museum of Popular Music located in Liverpool. More Less
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About The British Music Experience?

Embarking on a unique journey through British rock and pop history, The British Music Experience in Liverpool is the United Kingdom’s Museum of Popular Music. It houses a diverse collection of memorabilia, stage outfits, instruments, images, and footage, meticulously chronicling British pop’s evolution and cultural impact from 1945 to the present day. The museum proudly displays iconic outfits worn by legendary artists like David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Dusty Springfield, Adam Ant, and The Spice Girls, as well as musical instruments played by revered figures such as Noel Gallagher and the Sex Pistols.

Stepping into The British Music Experience, visitors are immediately immersed in a world of interactive galleries, audio-visual experiences, and captivating hologram performances. The Gibson Brands Interactive Studio invites music enthusiasts to explore the art of music-making by mastering the guitar, drums, or keyboards. In the Dance the Decades studio, visitors can journey through time, grooving to the beats that define each era.

The museum also pays homage to the profound impact of Gibson and Epiphone guitars on British pop music, offering a comprehensive collection of electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, including Les Pauls, SGs, and 335s, alongside Roland drums, synthesizers, and keyboards. The Gibson App, regardless of musical proficiency, provides a platform for everyone to learn songs through concise video lessons.

The Dance The Decades Experience is a testament to the evolution of dance styles over 70 years, with 12 iconic genres waiting to be explored. A convenient phone holder lets visitors capture their dance floor prowess in action. Following an enriching exhibition visit, visitors can unwind at the licensed Star Café & Bar, which offers a delectable selection of Illy Coffee, speciality teas, fresh cakes, cold drinks, toasties, and paninis. Additionally, a daily visit to the Merch Store promises a bountiful array of band t-shirts, books, vinyl, and memorabilia, ensuring that the memories of the British Music Experience can be cherished and revisited.

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