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TGI Fridays Discount Code

Get 25 points when you sign up with this TGI Fridays discount code. Visit TGI Friday's original American cocktail bar today.

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Earn 25 points when signing up with this TGI Fridays discount code

Visit TGI Friday's original American cocktail bar today and grab a drink and some of your favourite dishes.

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Discover TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays is committed to delivering an exceptional dining experience to its customers by offering delicious food and a range of discount codes to make dining out more affordable. With its heritage of freshly made-to-order dishes and expertly crafted cocktails, TGI Fridays aims to bring joy and excitement to every visit while keeping your wallet happy.

Their teams are dedicated to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you can socialize, have fun, and make lasting memories. Whether on a date, having a girls’ night out, or enjoying a family dinner, TGI Fridays is here to bring you that unique Fridays Feeling, regardless of the day or time. So come on in and let them treat you to a memorable dining experience with our delicious food and exciting discount codes.

Since its inception in 1965, TGI Fridays has been known for its vibrant atmosphere and commitment to creating a memorable dining experience. With its signature cocktails and energetic bartenders, TGI Fridays quickly became a popular gathering spot for fun seekers. Now, customers can enjoy their favourite dishes and drinks at a more affordable price, ensuring that every visit feels like a celebration.

Indulge in various delectable dishes at TGI Fridays, including their Ultimate Glazed Ribs, Fridays Sesame Chicken Strips, Sizzling Roasted Veg Fajitas, and the ever-popular Fridays Vegan Burger. With over 80 locations across the UK, you can enjoy these mouth-watering new recipes at your convenience while enjoying TGI Fridays discount codes.

By becoming a Stripes Rewards member and downloading the Rewards app, you can enjoy even more benefits at TGI Fridays. As a new member, you’ll receive a free dessert on your first visit, and with every subsequent visit, you’ll earn stripes that can be redeemed for your favourite dishes or even try something new. Additionally, you’ll receive two birthday treats a year and can earn stripes by referring a friend. Don’t miss out on these exclusive TGI Fridays offers, and join the Stripes Rewards program today!

Explore the TGI Fridays Menu

TGI Fridays is known for its diverse and mouthwatering menu. From classic burgers and sizzling steaks to refreshing salads and tempting desserts, there is something to satisfy every craving. Take this opportunity to explore the TGI Fridays menu, trying out new dishes and indulging in your all-time favorites.

And don’t forget to pair your meal with one of their iconic handcrafted cocktails. Their expert bartenders, who even trained Tom Cruise for his role in the film ‘Cocktail,’ can recommend the perfect cocktail just for you. Indulge in classics like the Long Island Iced Tea, born at TGI Fridays, or try one of our unique creations for a truly unforgettable dining experience.

Don’t miss out on their iconic loaded potato skins, quality tender steaks, burgers made from their recipe using a perfect blend of prime cuts of brisket and chuck steak, and slow-cooked, marinated ribs coated in their Legendary Glaze. Indulge in these mouthwatering dishes, all freshly made to order, and discover the delectable flavours that TGI Fridays is known for.

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