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Use the Taptap promo code to enjoy exclusive discounts on international money transfers. Transfer funds seamlessly and efficiently to mobile money wallets in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America using your smartphone.

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Expires On: 12/31/2024

Get a £5 bonus on your first transfer with Taptap Send

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About Taptap

Taptap Send is a versatile and user-friendly financial platform tailored to individuals seeking to transfer funds from the UK, EU, US, Canada, and UAE to various regions, including Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America. The platform offers a seamless and efficient transfer to mobile money wallets on well-established networks, allowing users to send money using their smartphones.

Through Taptap Send’s intuitive smartphone app, users can effortlessly send money to their loved ones and friends by following simple steps and using a debit card. This eliminates the need to endure long wait times, navigate through intricate fee structures, or worry about the status of their transfers. Taptap Send simplifies the process by only requiring the recipient’s name and mobile number, making it as convenient as sending a text message.

By ensuring the immediate deposit of funds from the user’s debit card to the recipient’s mobile money wallet, the service guarantees swift transfers without unnecessary complications, offering users confidence and transparency throughout the process.

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