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Earn 3 points for free with T4 Bubble Tea Invite Code

Download the T4 app here and register. Fill in the invite code below in the registration form Once you are registered and place • an order successfully via the T4 app, receive 3 Points. T4 Bubble Tea is a popular beverage that originated in Taiwan and has gained worldwide popularity. It is a refreshing and delicious drink that combines tea, milk, and tapioca pearls. T4 Bubble Tea is known for its unique and customizable flavours, making it a favourite among tea lovers.

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What is T4 Bubble Tea?

Calling all T4 Bubble Tea enthusiasts! T4 Bubble Tea, hailing from Taiwan, has become a global sensation. This beverage blends tea, milk, and chewy tapioca pearls, creating a unique and refreshing taste. Tea aficionados adore T4 for its customisable options and diverse flavours.

The “T4” stands for “tea for you,” highlighting the personalised experience they strive to offer. From classic black tea to green tea and fruity options, T4 caters to all taste buds with a vast selection of tea bases. One of T4’s signature features is the addition of tapioca pearls, also known as “boba.” These delightful morsels of chewy sweetness, made from tapioca starch, give the drink its signature texture. T4 even offers different pearl sizes, allowing you to choose your ideal level of chewiness.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! You can customise your T4 Bubble Tea further with a range of toppings, such as fruit jelly, aloe vera, or pudding. These add a delightful extra layer of flavour and texture, making the drink even more exciting and delicious. T4 Bubble Tea isn’t just about taste; it’s a visual treat, too. The drinks are often served in clear cups, showcasing the vibrant colours and layers of the beverage. It’s a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds!

Now, let’s talk about those T4 Bubble Tea invite codes—little gems waiting to be discovered. They unlock a world of exclusive offers, discounts, and surprises that elevate your T4 experience. You might enjoy money off your favourite drinks, try limited-edition flavours, get early access to new releases, or even nab-free toppings.

Using your T4 Bubble Tea invite code is a doddle. Visit your nearest T4 Bubble Tea store or order online through their official website or mobile app. During checkout, you’ll find a spot to enter your invite code. Once applied, the special offers and discounts linked to the code will be automatically applied to your order.

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