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What is SKYLUM?

SKYLUM is a software company that creates innovative photo editing solutions. One of their popular products is Luminar Neo, powerful photo editing software available for both PC and Mac. With advanced AI capabilities, Luminar Neo allows users to bring their creative visions to life by providing intuitive editing tools and features. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just starting, Luminar Neo is designed to help you edit your photos exactly as you imagine them in your mind’s eye.

Level up your editing with Luminar Neo’s AI-powered photo editing tools, which include intelligent sky replacement, enhanced portrait editing, and advanced colour grading. With these features, you can easily transform your photos, giving them a professional touch and making them stand out.

In addition to its powerful AI capabilities, Luminar Neo is the best image editing software for several reasons. Firstly, it is incredibly user-friendly, making it accessible for professionals and beginners. Secondly, Luminar Neo’s AI-powered editing tools are available across various platforms, ensuring you can edit your photos anywhere. Thirdly, it offers a wide range of multi-form presets that allow you to achieve different styles and moods effortlessly. Lastly, Skylum continuously improves Luminar Neo, providing regular updates and new features to enhance your editing experience.

With its support for raw files, exporting in all major file formats, layers, masking, and much more, Luminar Neo truly meets all your editing needs. Whether you want to enhance your raw images, make precise adjustments with layers, correct lens distortions, or batch process your photos, Luminar Neo’s extensive capabilities have covered you. It’s the ultimate tool for photographers seeking professional-grade editing features in user-friendly software.

The neural nets in Luminar Neo can detect facial features such as skin, light, eyes, and lips, allowing you to make precise adjustments directly to these elements. Say goodbye to manual retouching, and let Luminar Neo effortlessly bring out the mesmerizing beauty of your subjects.

Experience the power of Luminar Neo today and take your photo editing to the next level. As an application and plugin available for macOS and Windows, Luminar Neo offers high-performance editing tools and features that will bring your creative visions to life. With technical support, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the opportunity to join a community of Luminar Insiders, you’ll have all the resources you need to succeed in your photo editing journey.

This award-winning interface ensures that even beginners can achieve professional-looking edits without extensive technical knowledge. By automating complicated multistep tasks through intuitive AI-powered controls, Luminar Neo simplifies the editing process. It allows users to focus on unleashing their creativity and bringing their unique vision to life.

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