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10% off plus a free pack of spices

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About Rajah Spices

Rajah Spices has an illustrious history that traces back to 1931 when a former Indian army officer in London established the company out of a longing for the genuine flavours of home-cooked Indian cuisine. The company is dedicated to providing an extensive array of authentic spices designed to capture the rich and aromatic essence of South Asian culinary traditions.

These meticulously curated spices recreate time-honoured recipes, infuse innovative culinary endeavours with distinctive flavours, and foster a deep connection with cultural heritage and cherished memories.

Rajah Spices boasts a diverse selection of over 150 products. Each item meets the highest quality standards to guarantee customers a delightful and authentic culinary experience. The company and its suppliers are unwavering in their commitment to ethical practices. 

They proudly align with the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX), a non-profit organization that upholds labour standards, health and safety regulations, environmental sustainability, and business ethics.

Adherence to Rajah Spices’ Supplier Code of Conduct, alongside its anti-bribery and corruption policies, ensures that integrity and trust remain at the forefront of their operations.

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