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Play Outsmarted, a new board game combining traditional and digital technology, for a head-scratching, pulse-racing experience.

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What is Outsmarted?

Outsmarted is a thrilling, interactive board game that combines the excitement of a live TV quiz show with the convenience of connecting to your device. With its fun and challenging questions, Outsmarted keeps players engaged and entertained. The game adjusts its difficulty and context based on age, ensuring a personalized and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

With Outsmarted, you can enjoy the game on all your favourite devices, including iPhones, iPads, Android phones or tablets, Chromebooks, and Windows 10/11 laptops or PCs. Connect up to 6 devices as handheld quiz controllers and even stream the action to almost any Smart TV, making it easy for everyone to join in on the fun.

Using Outsmarted’s automatic difficulty and context adjustment, kids, teens, and adults are all on the same playing field. This means that everyone in the family has an equal chance of winning, so adults better watch out for tough competition from the younger ones!

Outsmarted ensures that players are always up to date with its constantly updated question categories. With the Breaking News category updated daily, players can expect to be challenged with questions about recent events, making the game exciting and relevant every time they play.

Over 1 million players have experienced the thrill of the Outsmarted board game, proving its popularity among game enthusiasts worldwide. Join the growing community of players and discover the excitement and intellectual stimulation Outsmarted offers.

Key features of Outsmarted

Outsmarted takes the concept of a quiz board game to a whole new level by introducing remote-play functionality. The free Outsmarted app lets your friends and family join your game from anywhere. The game provides a virtual board and voice-chat functionality, ensuring everyone can participate and have a blast, regardless of location.

Key features of Outsmarted include its extensive collection of over 6,000 ‘Quiz Show’ style multimedia questions divided into six core categories: Breaking News, Quick Thinking, Sound & Music, Pub Quiz, Back 2 School, and TV, Film & Books. These questions are brought to life with images, song clips, and videos, providing a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience for the whole family.

Whether you’re a seasoned trivia enthusiast or a casual player, Outsmarted’s intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it easy to pick up and play. With options to customize your game duration, choose from various game types, and play individually or in teams, Outsmarted ensures that everyone can quickly get in on the fun, regardless of age or experience level.

In addition to the game box, game board, and dice, Outsmarted includes six hand-painted 3D genius miniature figurines and a folding tablet stand. You can customise your Outsmarted experience with free add-on bonus categories and explore even more options with the Question Store, which offers over 70 low-cost add-on categories ranging from Harry Potter to Zoo Animals. The choice is yours to expand your trivia knowledge and tailor the game to your interests.

How do you play Outsmarted?

Playing Outsmarted is a breeze once you have registered your game. Choose your main device as the game host, download the Outsmarted app, and complete the registration process using the license key from your game box. This will unlock the host functionality and allow you to start playing and enjoying the exciting features of Outsmarted.

Once all players have selected their genius miniature and placed it on the Start position, the host can start the game by launching the Outsmarted app on their device. The app will guide the players through the game, presenting them with multimedia questions from the chosen categories. Players can use the voice-chat functionality to discuss and strategize their answers, creating a lively and interactive gaming experience.

Outsmarted offers a flexible gameplay experience accommodating small and large groups. With the option to play as individuals or in teams, a single game can have anywhere from 2 to 6 players or teams. And with teams with up to 4 players, Outsmarted can support up to 24 players, making it perfect for gatherings and parties.

To set up your first Outsmarted game, tap the play button. This will initiate the game setup process and guide you through selecting your game duration, choosing game types, and customizing your experience with add-on bonus categories.

Once the game is set up, Outsmarted will determine the starting player or team, who will then roll the die and move in any direction they choose. The game board features six coloured spaces that correspond to the six question categories in your game, as well as two additional categories for random and ring questions.

If a player lands on a grey space, they can roll the die again and continue their turn. The rainbow spaces on the game board indicate that a category will be selected randomly, but players should remember to tap the RANDOM QUESTION category in the app. Lastly, if a player lands on a ring, they should tap the RING QUESTION category in the app to access the corresponding questions.

This clever game mechanic adds a layer of strategy and anticipation to gameplay. Players must carefully plan their moves to reach the desired ring space and access the particular ring questions. This creates a sense of excitement and challenge, ensuring that every turn and decision counts in the quest to outsmart opponents and emerge victorious.

This rule ensures that players have a fair chance to answer and secure the ring question. It eliminates the need to rely on luck or roll the die multiple times, allowing players to strategize and focus on their knowledge and skills to outsmart their opponents.

In a full (non-time-limited) game, the player or team who gets all six rings and makes it through the Final Round first will be crowned winner. In a standard time-limited match, however, the winner will be the player or team with the most significant number of rings accumulated within the given time frame.

In a points game, the winner will be the player or team with the highest points. Points are awarded based on correct answers to questions and can be accumulated throughout the game. The player or team with the most points at the end of the game will emerge as the ultimate winner.

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