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£0 OFX fees on all transfers

OFX Promo Code

You pay no OFX fees when you use OFX promo code. Become a member of OFX (formerly UKForex) today to send or receive money worldwide.


£0 OFX fees on all transfers with OFX promo code

Become a member of OFX (formerly UKForex) today if you want to send or receive money worldwide securely.

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What is OFX Money Transfer?

OFX Money Transfer is a service that allows individuals and businesses to send and receive money internationally. With OFX, you can enjoy fast and secure transfers and competitive exchange rates that are often better than those offered by traditional banks. Register today to start saving on your international money transfers.

As a trusted global leader in money transfers, OFX has over 20 years of experience securely moving money across borders. With our services, individuals and businesses can enjoy competitive exchange rates and avoid excessive bank fees. Rest assured that OFX transfers are fast, secure, and regulated by the FCA.

OFX Money Transfer allows you to send money to over 170 countries, providing quick and secure global payments to over 50 currencies. Whether you need to send money to family overseas or make international business transactions, OFX offers a convenient and reliable solution for your money transfer needs.

To start with OFX Money Transfer, create an account on their website. After that, you must verify your identity, a standard procedure for international money transfers. Once your identity is verified, you can enter your transfer details and send the funds. Throughout the process, you can track the progress of your transfer for peace of mind.

Individuals can benefit from OFX Money Transfer by easily and conveniently making international payments, whether for paying taxes, a mortgage, or bills in another country. With OFX, you can save on exchange rates and avoid excessive bank fees while ensuring that your transfers are fast, secure, and regulated by the FCA.

Whether you’re a small business owner or running an eCommerce store, OFX Money Transfer offers a seamless solution for receiving payments and paying staff, invoices, or suppliers. With the ability to make and take payments in multiple currencies from one place, OFX can integrate or tailor a solution to meet your business’s specific needs. Say goodbye to excessive bank fees and enjoy fast, secure, and regulated transfers with OFX.

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