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Oddbox discount code gives you 50% off your first box. Oddbox fights food waste by bringing you "too wonky" and "too many."

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You can help fight food waste with Oddbox by bringing you the too wonky and too many straight from the fields.

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What is Oddbox?

Oddbox is an innovative and socially conscious company that tackles food waste head-on. They work directly with farmers and suppliers to rescue perfectly edible but “odd” or surplus produce that would otherwise be put to waste.

Despite being just as delicious and nutritious, supermarkets may have rejected these fruits and vegetables due to their unconventional shapes or sizes. Oddbox then delivers these rescued goodies to your doorstep, ensuring fresh and high-quality produce while reducing food waste.

By rescuing surplus produce, Oddbox can reduce food waste while providing people with affordable and high-quality produce. This helps to reduce our reliance on conventionally grown produce, which has often been associated with negative environmental impacts.

Oddbox sources its produce from farmers with excess inventory that would otherwise go to waste. This helps to reduce waste, as otherwise this produce would be thrown away. Additionally, Oddbox’s produce is certified organic, meaning it is grown without synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides, making it a healthier and more environmentally friendly choice.

What’s in the Oddbox?

One of the most exciting aspects of Oddbox subscription is the element of surprise. Each week, you’ll receive a box filled with seasonal Oddbox fruits and Oddbox vegetables box. From vibrant bell peppers to juicy tomatoes, crisp apples to exotic fruits, Oddbox ensures you’ll never get bored of the produce selection. They aim to include a diverse range of items, making it easy to explore new recipes and add excitement to your meals.

Plus, the Oddbox app ensures that all their produce is ethically sourced, fresh and delicious. The surprise element of not knowing what items you’ll receive each week is a fun and unique way to update your grocery routine.

Not sure what to do with your Oddbox haul? Fear not! Oddbox goes the extra mile to provide recipes and cooking inspiration for its subscribers. Their website and app feature a variety of delicious recipes tailored to each box.

From hearty soups to refreshing salads, you’ll find endless inspiration to make the most of your Oddbox produce. They even have an Oddbox cookbook for those looking to dive deeper into sustainable cooking.

Oddbox Delivery Area and Convenience

Oddbox currently operates in select areas within the UK, making it accessible to many customers. Their website provides a convenient delivery area checker, allowing you to verify if they deliver to your location. Once you’ve confirmed they cover your area, you can choose a delivery day that suits your schedule.

With Oddbox, you can say goodbye to crowded supermarkets, long queues, and heavy grocery bags. They bring fresh produce to your doorstep, saving you time and effort.

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