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Nordictest is an online store that sells self-tests. Their focus is high quality and fast customer service. You can find CE-marked and highly reliable tests at the lowest prices...

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What is Nordictest? offers a wide range of health tests designed to address various concerns. Their user-friendly platform makes accessing these tests a breeze. They have something for everyone, including drug tests, infection tests, tests for genital diseases, general health tests, lab-tested options, and hormone tests. Their high-quality drug tests allow individuals and organisations to screen for various substances. This is handy for workplaces that need to ensure a drug-free environment or for those wanting to monitor their substance use.

Beyond drugs, Nordictest offers tests for infections like HIV, hepatitis, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Early detection of these infections is crucial for timely treatment and preventing their spread. They also provide reliable tests for genital conditions like herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhoea, allowing for early identification and effective management.

Taking charge of your health is easier than ever with Nordictest’s range of health tests, covering areas like blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. They even have a lab test category for tests you can do at home, checking blood sugar, cholesterol, and vitamin levels. This provides a convenient way to monitor your health from the comfort of your own sofa.

Finally, Nordictest offers hormone tests that assess your hormone levels, helping you understand and manage conditions like hormonal imbalances or fertility issues.

The Nordictest Advantage

Nordictest is a trusted provider of high-quality health tests catering to various needs. They offer a comprehensive range specifically designed to detect various health issues, from drug use and infections to hormonal imbalances.

Their drug tests are highly reliable and accurate, giving you clear results about the presence of illegal substances. They offer urine, blood, and hair tests, ensuring you receive the most accurate results possible.

Early detection of infections is key, and Nordictest’s tests are designed to help with that. They offer a variety of options, including STD tests, HIV tests, and Hepatitis tests. Their accurate tests can help you get the treatment you need before things get more serious.

Understanding your hormonal health is important, and Nordictest’s hormonal tests can help. They offer tests for thyroid function, testosterone, oestrogen, cortisol, and more, giving you a complete picture of your hormonal balance.

The best part? Their tests are user-friendly and can be done at home. Order the test online, collect your sample, and return it to their lab for analysis. Their team of experts will analyse your sample and promptly provide accurate results, giving you peace of mind and the information you need to take action if necessary.

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