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About MindManager

MindManager helps users organize ideas, brainstorm, and visualize concepts with its powerful and flexible features. It offers a free 30-day trial with no credit card required, allowing users to fully experience the benefits of its mind-mapping software before making a commitment.

For individuals and small teams, MindManager offers two different versions: MindManager Professional and MindManager Essentials. With its dynamic visual diagrams, mind maps, flowcharts, newly added sticky notes and Jira integration, MindManager empowers teams to collaborate and innovate more effectively.

MindManager offers a range of versions, including MindManager Professional and MindManager Essentials, to cater to specific needs and boost productivity. Users can also enhance their MindManager experience by adding various add-ons designed explicitly for MindManager.

For businesses, there is MindManager Enterprise, which offers advanced collaboration and integration features, as well as MindManager for Microsoft Teams, allowing seamless integration with the popular teamwork platform. For educators and students, there is MindManager for Students and Educators, designed to enhance learning and improve organisation in educational settings.

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