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£5 Off The 10 Devices Plan

McAfee Discount Code

Enjoy £5 off the 10 Devices Plan for both the 1- and 2-year subscriptions with this McAfee discount code. Secure your home and network online with Antivirus and VPN.

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£5 Off The 10 Devices Plan For Both 1 And 2-yr Subscription with McAfee discount code

You can now protect yourself and your family online with the award-winning McAfee Antivirus and VPN. It is available on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

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About McAfee and its Products

McAfee is a trusted brand that has been providing robust antivirus solutions for decades. Their products detect, block, and remove malicious software, protecting your devices from viruses, malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats. McAfee offers various products tailored to different needs, from essential antivirus protection to comprehensive security suites.

Identity theft protection and privacy are crucial in today’s digital age. According to recent statistics, 5.7 million people in the UK have fallen victim to identity fraud in the last 12 months. It’s no wonder 77% of individuals want to protect their identity online and regain control of their data. With McAfee’s range of products, you can safeguard your personal information and enjoy peace of mind while browsing the internet.

With over 600 million devices secured and the highest SE Labs security rating, McAfee is a trusted name for safeguarding against cyber threats. Every day, McAfee blocks an impressive 42 million threats, ensuring your personal information and data remain secure while browsing the internet.

In addition to antivirus protection, McAfee also offers a range of features to safeguard your identity and privacy in the digital world. With features such as identity monitoring, unlimited VPN, lost wallet protection, and personal data cleanup, McAfee extends beyond antivirus to provide comprehensive security for your online activities. Whether protecting your personal information from data breaches or ensuring your online accounts are secure, McAfee’s products offer a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

McAfee Total Protection goes beyond antivirus protection to provide a comprehensive security solution for your devices. With features like identity monitoring and a VPN, you can safeguard your personal information and ensure your online activities remain private and secure.

McAfee also offers McAfee+ Ultimate, its most comprehensive protection package, which offers antivirus and device security, privacy, and identity protection. Including $1M (USD) identity theft coverage, McAfee+ Ultimate ensures that your personal information is safeguarded against potential breaches or fraudulent activities, giving you the ultimate peace of mind in today’s digital world.

McAfee prices and plans

McAfee comes with various pricing plans to cater to different users’ needs. The Individual plan is designed for single users and offers protection for a single device. On the other hand, the Family plan is ideal for households with multiple devices, providing security for up to five devices. McAfee activation codes allow you to save on these plans and enjoy top-notch cybersecurity at a lower price.

McAfee virus protection software offers personalized protection for up to six members with the Family plan, ensuring household safety. It not only protects against cyber threats but also includes features like a Protection Score and parental controls to keep your kids safe online.

If you’re looking for more affordable protection, McAfee antivirus offers a basic 1-year subscription that provides security for one device. This includes an award-winning antivirus, firewall, password manager, file shredder, and a secure McAfee VPN with unlimited usage.

In addition, you’ll also have access to identity monitoring, online security experts, web protection, and a Protection Score feature. With multi-platform compatibility, McAfee ensures device security, regardless of the operating system.

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