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Get 75% off MacKeeper coupon codes with the ultimate toolkit for Mac. Streamline your Mac with our free cleaning, security, privacy, and performance tools.


Up to 75% off discount to keep your Mac clean with MacKeeper coupon code

Streamline your Mac with the ultimate toolkit for Mac. Optimize and protect your Mac 24/7. Try these free cleaning, security, privacy, and performance tools now.

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What is MacKeeper?

MacKeeper is a robust software package designed specifically for Mac computers. It integrates various tools and features to enhance security, optimize performance, and streamline maintenance tasks. From malware protection and data encryption to cleaning up disk space and organizing files, MacKeeper aims to be an all-in-one solution for Mac users.

With MacKeeper, you can rest assured that your Mac is protected from viruses, ads, and junk. Its 24/7 monitoring feature keeps an eye on potential data breaches, providing you with peace of mind. Experience the power of having all the essential tools to supercharge your Mac conveniently blended into one app.

All of MacKeeper’s tools and features are accessible right from the menu bar with its user-friendly dashboard. From there, you can quickly scan your Mac for any issues, protect it from threats, and clean up unnecessary files in seconds. If you ever need assistance, MacKeeper provides instant chat support with tech experts to help you with any questions or concerns.

How does MacKeeper work?

MacKeeper works by providing a user-friendly interface that allows you to run a one-click scan to get a comprehensive view of your Mac’s storage, performance, and security. It quickly identifies potential issues or threats, provides actionable solutions to optimize your Mac’s performance, and keeps it safe from viruses and malware.

After running a scan, MacKeeper presents a detailed report of any identified issues, such as unnecessary files, potential security risks, or performance problems. From there, you can easily review and fix these items with just a few clicks, optimising your Mac’s performance and enhancing its security effortlessly.

With MacKeeper, you can enjoy a worry-free Mac experience. The software actively monitors your Mac and notifies you if any action is needed, ensuring that your device is always in optimal condition. Say goodbye to constant maintenance and let MacKeeper take care of your Mac’s performance and security.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy individual or someone who finds technology overwhelming, MacKeeper’s tech crew is available 24/7 to assist you with any software-related issues. Whether you prefer a phone call or chat support, their team guides you through setting up and fixing your Mac, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

MacKeeper Reviews and Pricing

Before investing in any software, it’s essential to consider its reputation and user reviews. MacKeeper has garnered mixed opinions over the years, but it’s important to distinguish between past controversies and the current state of the software. Recent reviews highlight the improvements made to the app, praising its efficiency and effectiveness in enhancing Mac performance.

MacKeeper offers different pricing plans to cater for a variety of users. The 12-month plan for 3 Macs is priced at £8.95 per month, with a total savings of £322.80 per year. For those who only need it for one Mac, the 12-month plan is priced at £7.20 per month, with a total savings of £57 per year. The 1-month plan is available for £19.95 per month if you prefer a monthly subscription.

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