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What is Japanese Taste?

Japanese Taste is an online platform that offers a curated selection of high-quality Japanese products, including groceries, snacks, cosmetics, homeware, and more. With the convenience of shipping directly to your doorstep and competitive prices, Japanese Taste allows you to explore and enjoy the authentic taste of Japan without leaving your home.

Japanese Taste pride themselves on bringing Japan to your home. Whether you’re craving traditional Japanese cuisine, seeking out the latest beauty trends from Tokyo, or looking to enhance your wellness routine with Japanese-inspired products, they’ve got you covered. Explore their carefully curated selection and experience Japan’s taste, design, and wellness wherever you are.

Japanese Taste offers a wide range of products from various renowned Japanese brands, including J Taste, Suehiro, Suisouen, Marushige, Edobio, FRMA, Tsuki no Katsura, and Takamura Hamono. Each brand represents the unique taste, craftsmanship, and essence of Japan, ensuring that you can indulge in the authentic Japanese experience no matter what you’re looking for.

Join JT Rewards, their exclusive loyalty program that allows you to earn points and unlock amazing rewards. As a member, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to discounts, complimentary gifts at each new tier, and early access to new product launches. Start earning points today and indulge in even more of Japanese Taste’s authentic Japanese taste, design, and wellness.

Their strategic location in the Osaka Bay area, between the bustling cities of Osaka and Kobe, enables us to maintain close relationships with their suppliers and ensures efficient global delivery of their products. This proximity to their suppliers also allows them to carefully select and curate high-quality Japanese goods for their customers, guaranteeing an authentic taste of Japan wherever you are in the world.

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