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What is the Gett?

Gett is a transportation service that allows users to book black cabs, ride hail, and executive vehicles through their app. By signing up with Gett, you can conveniently access thousands of taxis and enjoy a seamless booking experience. Additionally, businesses can also register for a Gett business account to gain access to a wider range of transportation options.

Gett’s black cab service offers more than just transportation. With its iconic black cabs, you can experience the unique charm of London while getting to your destination faster. The drivers, who have passed The Knowledge, ensure a smooth and efficient journey, while the option to use bus lanes helps you avoid traffic and arrive at your destination in record time.

With Gett, you not only have the convenience of booking transportation through their app, but you also have the transparency of seeing the price estimate for your taxi trip upfront, eliminating any surprises or hidden fees. After your ride, you can rate your driver and leave a tip directly in the app, providing feedback and appreciation for their service.

Gett prioritizes your safety. They understand the importance of secure and reliable transportation. That’s why all their vehicles and drivers are licensed by TfL or local authorities, ensuring you can trust the service you’re using. In addition, they offer safety features such as driver ratings and ride location sharing, giving you peace of mind throughout your journey.

By choosing the E-Black cab vehicle class when booking through the Gett app, you not only contribute to reducing carbon emissions but also support Trees for Cities, a registered charity. Gett’s commitment to offsetting CO2 emissions and supporting environmental initiatives makes it a sustainable transportation option for conscious riders.

In addition to the wide range of transportation options available, Gett also offers extra vehicle classes and availability in cities around the world. Business travelers can take advantage of partnerships with ride hailers and book private hire vehicles, as well as executive cars, through Gett. If you’re interested in accessing these additional services, you can inquire about opening a business account at

Whether you’re in need of a quick ride or planning your transportation in advance, Gett offers both on-demand and pre-booked options to suit your needs. With the Gett app, you can easily find and book a black cab, ride hail, or executive vehicle, ensuring a reliable and convenient journey. And if you’re a driver, Gett provides an opportunity to increase your earnings and have flexible working hours as a black cab driver.

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