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Save £10 on Grocery Order

Getir Promo Code

Get your first grocery order delivered for £10 with Getir promo code. They deliver everything from snacks to breakfast.

Getir is no longer operating in the UK market. Explore their other competitors:

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What is Getir?

Getir is a revolutionary on-demand delivery service that delivers groceries and home goods within minutes. Initially based in Turkey, Getir has rapidly expanded its services and is now available worldwide, providing customers with quick and convenient access to essential items at their doorstep. With a wide range of products, including fresh goods, drinks, snacks, quick meals, and even pet food, Getir ensures that you can get everything you need conveniently and swiftly.

Getir aims to deliver your items within minutes, making it a game-changer in on-demand services. Moreover, Getir offers special promotions and coupons within their app, allowing users to benefit from exclusive discounts and maximize their savings.

Getir’s fast and efficient delivery service eliminates stocking up your fridge or pantry. Whether you’re craving late-night pizza, running out of ingredients for home-cooked meals, or needing a quick caffeine fix, Getir will bring your groceries and essential items to your doorstep within minutes, ensuring you never have to worry about running out again.

Getir strives to provide convenience and speed in delivering groceries and essential items right to your doorstep. Their extensive catalogue of over 1,500 products includes tasty treats, ready-made food, and household essentials from your favourite brands. There’s nothing to lose with pricing similar to local grocery stores and low delivery fees. Experience the ease and efficiency of Getir’s on-demand delivery service today.

Getir has a network of mini stores where riders, easily identifiable by their purple uniforms, complete their orders. While speed is their mission, safety is key, and they prioritize following traffic rules to ensure the well-being of their Getirians (Getir Drivers). They understand that sometimes they arrive a few minutes late. However, they appreciate your understanding and support as they strive to provide the best service possible.

How Does Getir Work?

So, how does Getir work? It’s simple! First, download the Getir app from your app store and create an account. Once you’re set up, you can browse the wide range of available products and add them to your virtual cart. After confirming your order, a Getir driver will gather your items and deliver them to your doorstep. It’s like having a personal shopper at your service!

You can say goodbye to substitutions. Getir’s real-time inventory ensures that your order is what you get, eliminating unwanted substitutes. Additionally, Getir’s delivery service is contact-free, prioritizing safety and peace of mind during these challenging times.

With Getir’s fast and efficient delivery service, you can skip grocery lines and have your groceries brought to you in minutes. Say goodbye to wasting time waiting for hours for delivery and enjoy the convenience of having your essential items delivered right to your doorstep.

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