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Funky Chips Discount Code
10% Discount at Funky Chips

Funky Chips Discount Code

We're excited to offer you an exclusive in-store discount code. If you mention our code at any Funky Chips location in London, you'll receive a 10% discount.

It’s time to savour a mouthwatering experience at Funky Chips, where fries become art! This post will take you on a culinary adventure and reveal an exclusive in-store Funky Chips discount code (Only at BudgetFitter). Find out why Funky Chips (the best chips in England) are Camden Market’s not-so-secret weapon by savouring their explosive flavours.

Exclusive In-Store Funky Chips Discount Code

Before we dig into Funky Chips, let’s unveil the code! As a loyal subscriber of BudgetFitter, we’re excited to offer you an exclusive in-store discount code.

Claim a 10% discount code at Funky Chips

If you mention this code at any Funky Chips location in London, you’ll receive a 10% discount from BudgetFitter. This is your chance to indulge in the flavours that capture fries enthusiasts’ hearts and taste buds. The code will then appear in this section after you have paid.

What is Funky Chips?

It all began in 2021 when a bold idea emerged in London’s Camden Market. This idea? Craft-loaded fries that push the boundaries of humble street food. They weren’t content with ketchup and cheese. They envisioned fries as a palette for daring flavour combinations and artistic expression.

To achieve this, they source the finest potatoes from generations-old farms, where pesticide-free methods have nurtured the earth for centuries. This unwavering commitment to quality forms the foundation of their business, ensuring every bite bursts with fresh, natural goodness.

They then hand-cut these precious potatoes into unique shapes and crispy lengths, each ready to become a flavour canvas. Their secret weapon? Mouthwatering sauces, crafted in-house with fresh ingredients and bold combinations. Whether it’s a tangy BBQ rub, cheese, zesty sour cream and chives, or a secret spicy jalapeno concoction, each sauce adds a dimension of deliciousness that explodes in your mouth.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. They don’t just pile toppings on – they curate them, pairing specific fries with sauce companions. The result? A symphony of flavours that dances across your taste buds, transforming each chip into a bite-sized masterpiece.

And what better stage for this culinary art than Camden Market? Nestled among the creativity and vibrancy of this iconic London landmark, their small stand stands as a beacon of innovation and deliciousness. Here, the aroma of fried potatoes and sizzling sauces mingle with excited customers’ chatter. This creates an atmosphere as buzzing as the flavours on their menu.

So, join them on this culinary adventure! Unleash your inner artist and explore Funky Chip creations’ endless possibilities. Don’t just eat fries – savour them, experience them, and discover a new world of flavour.

Where is the Funky Chips?

You can find Funky Chips at Unit 705, Camden Stables Market, London. This location is the original and most popular, known for its long lines and outrageous loaded chip creations.

For Funky Chips Camden prices, check their official websites.

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