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£5 off Essential & Premium Plans

ESET Promo Code

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There are currently no discount codes that we are able to offer for this brand. If you choose to browse similar brand deals on our site, we are sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Discover ESET Antivirus Solutions

ESET is a trusted antivirus and cybersecurity solutions provider for home and business users. Their range of products includes options for optimal online security for personal devices. It also protects business endpoints, data, and networks with state-of-the-art cybersecurity for enterprise environments.

Powered by renowned global threat intelligence, highly acclaimed security researchers, cutting-edge artificial intelligence, and a worldwide network of security centres, ESET offers multilayered protection technology for both business and home users. Their comprehensive range of products ensures optimal online security, all-around protection of endpoints and networks, and state-of-the-art cybersecurity for enterprise environments, making ESET a trusted provider in the industry.

ESET NOD32, known for its lightning-fast scanning and low system impact, is popular among users seeking efficient antivirus software. For those seeking an all-in-one security suite, ESET Smart Security combines antivirus, firewall, and anti-spam features to provide comprehensive protection.

ESET’s multilayered security approach combines exclusive technologies beyond traditional antivirus limits. Their products protect automated processes and other security measures on the customer side and leverage a sensory network for cloud-powered threat hunting and advanced threat prevention.

With the integration of artificial intelligence, including deep learning and machine learning, along with the expertise of highly respected researchers and developers, ESET ensures top-notch cybersecurity for its users.

More than 1 billion internet users worldwide are protected with ESET’s multilayered protection. Additionally, their products are known for being light on system resources, as they have been a top performer in AV-comparative testing for 11 years. With easy-to-use interfaces and positive consumer reviews on Trustpilot, ESET is an award-winning provider offering support in different languages through their over 700 customer care teams.

ESET Home Security and Endpoint Security

In addition to antivirus software, ESET offers specialized products to tackle internet security and endpoint protection complexities. ESET Home Security protects against online threats, including phishing attacks, ransomware, and malicious websites.

ESET Home Security also provides a secure browser mode and privacy extension to safeguard your online activities. This ensures your data remains protected while shopping, banking, and socializing. With 24/7 real-time protection, suspicious websites and emails are blocked, preventing cybercriminals from accessing your private information, photos, and social accounts.

With the free ESET HOME app, you can easily install and manage ESET Home Security on all your devices. It allows you to share the protection with your family members and conveniently check the security status of your home from anywhere.

With ESET’s ULTIMATE plan, users can enjoy ESET’s renowned antivirus and internet security features and access unlimited VPN security. This allows for more privacy and freedom online, as users can secure their connection and prevent unwanted tracking with an anonymous IP address.

With webcam protection and banking/payment protection features, ESET Internet Security ensures your online activities remain secure, and your sensitive data stays private. For businesses, ESET Endpoint Security offers robust protection for networked environments, preventing unauthorized access, data breaches, and malware infections.

ESET Mobile Security

With the rise of mobile devices, cybersecurity on smartphones and tablets is more critical than ever. ESET Mobile Security protects against malware, phishing attempts, and theft. Its anti-theft feature allows you to locate, lock, and wipe your device remotely in case of loss or theft. ESET Mobile Security also provides secure browsing and app scanning to keep your mobile experience safe and worry-free.

ESET offers comprehensive security features to protect your mobile devices and personal information. With real-time scanning, anti-theft capabilities, payment protection, anti-phishing measures, and network inspection, ESET ensures your device and network are secure from online threats and vulnerabilities. ESET has the tools to keep you safe, whether it’s your computer, mobile device, or networked environment.

In addition to its wide range of security features, ESET Mobile Security also provides an App Lock. This adds an extra layer of security to sensitive apps by requiring a PIN or fingerprint to access them. The Adware Detector feature helps remove apps that display unwanted ads, ensuring a smoother and happier user experience.

With the Security Audit feature, you can check app permissions to enhance your device’s security. Scheduled Scans allow you to scan your device at your convenience, while the Security Report provides an overview of how secure your device is. Lastly, the USB On-The-Go Scanner checks connected USB devices for potential threats, ensuring that your device remains protected even when connected to external storage devices.

Whether you choose the premium version of ESET Mobile Security for a 30-day free trial or opt for the basic version with no commitment, you can rest assured that your mobile device will be safeguarded against malware, phishing attempts, theft, and unwanted ads. With its comprehensive range of security features and user-friendly interface, ESET Mobile Security is a reliable choice for keeping your mobile experience safe and worry-free.

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