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What is eMed?

eMed Weight Management is an extensively proven and comprehensive program explicitly designed to assist individuals in reaching their weight loss goals while enhancing their overall health. By amalgamating personalised support, bespoke healthy eating plans, mental health guidance, physiotherapy assistance, and practical tools for sustainable weight management, this program offers a holistic and tailored approach to wellness.

They feature round-the-clock availability and offer convenient access to a diverse range of healthcare professionals, including GPs, physiotherapists, advanced clinical practitioners, mental health specialists, and pharmacists, directly from users’ devices, regardless of the time of day.

eMed is designed to cater to your unique needs, offering comprehensive assistance for individuals and families. You can choose from five types of experts – GPs, advanced clinical practitioners, mental health specialists, prescribing pharmacists, and physiotherapists – to meet your diverse requirements. The program also provides the convenience of same-day prescription collection from any UK pharmacy or expedited same-day delivery of prescriptions in London, giving you control over your health journey, wherever you are.

Accessing the service is a breeze; you only need to download the free app and schedule video or audio-only appointments with various clinicians at your preferred times. Prescribing clinicians can even send electronic prescriptions directly to your chosen UK pharmacy or opt for same-day delivery in London, taking the stress out of managing your health.

As an added benefit, eMed includes the GP at Hand service, allowing users to book complimentary 24/7 video appointments with NHS clinicians, including GPs and physiotherapists. In-person appointments are also available at their London clinics. However, individuals interested in accessing this service must transition from their current GP practice and undergo a registration period.

In conclusion, eMed is an exceptionally convenient, well-rounded, and personalised solution for supporting individuals in their weight management journey while providing unfettered access to a spectrum of healthcare professionals. With its multifaceted services, unwavering accessibility, and tailored approach, it stands out as an invaluable resource for those seeking to manage their weight and overall well-being proactively.

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