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Elsa Speak Discount Code

ELSA Speak offers a Free 7-day Trial with the ELSA Speak discount code. You can track your progress and get over 1200 English lessons customized to your needs.


Start Free 7-Day Trial with ELSA Speak discount code

With ELSA Speak, you can get over 1200 English lessons customized to you. You can track your progress which will help you speak with more confidence.

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What is Elsa Speak?

Elsa Speak is backed by scientific research demonstrating its effectiveness in improving English speaking skills. The app’s bite-sized lessons make learning enjoyable and addictive, ensuring users stay engaged and motivated throughout their language learning journey. With Elsa Speak, you can speak English fluently.

These impressive statistics highlight the power of Elsa Speak in transforming language learners’ pronunciation and confidence in speaking English. With just 27 hours of studying on the app, users can achieve the same proficiency as an ESL speaking course at an American university. Additionally, 90% of users experience improved pronunciation, 95% express higher confidence in learning English, and 68% feel they speak more clearly.

Elsa Speak is not your average language-learning app. Powered by artificial intelligence, it uses speech recognition technology to provide real-time feedback on your pronunciation and intonation. With Elsa Speak, you can practice your English speaking skills anytime, anywhere, and receive instant feedback to improve your pronunciation.

By becoming an ELSA Speak Pro user, you can access ELSA Pro’s premium content and receive personalized lesson plans tailored to your specific needs. Furthermore, your AI coach will provide a comprehensive report analyzing your pronunciation. This will enable you to pinpoint areas of improvement and accelerate your progress in English speaking.

Features and Benefits of Elsa Speak app

Elsa Speak offers various interactive lessons targeting specific language challenges. These lessons ensure a comprehensive learning experience, from tongue twisters to conversational dialogues.

Elsa Speak’s pronunciation feature allows you to speak a word and receive feedback on each sound. This personalized feedback helps you identify and correct specific pronunciation errors, making you sound more like a native English speaker with each practice session.

You can receive feedback on your pronunciation, intonation, and fluency through Elsa Speak’s advanced algorithms. This will enable you to refine your speaking skills and sound more like a native English speaker. With each practice session, Elsa Speak guides you towards delivering sentences more accurately and confidently.

In addition to providing feedback on pronunciation, Elsa Speak also offers valuable insights into vocabulary, grammar, and other aspects of spontaneous speech. This holistic approach ensures that users can improve their English speaking skills and communicate effectively in real-life English conversations.

Elsa Speak adapts to your individual needs and learning pace. The app tracks your progress and tailors the curriculum to focus on areas where you need the most improvement, ensuring efficient and effective learning.

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