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Get the DUSK app to save money on pubs, bars and restaurants! Use our DUSK referral code to get a free drink!

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For free drinks at pubs and bars across the UK, enter referral code on the DUSK app + earn 500 points

Find the best bars in your city and plan the perfect night out with our curated guides. Get free drinks and unlock rewards every time you explore with DUSK.

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What is Dusk App?

Dusk App is a free drink app that offers users the opportunity to receive free drinks and unlock rewards whenever they explore new places. By using Dusk App, users can discover new venues, enjoy complimentary beverages, and take advantage of exclusive perks and discounts.

The App offers users the chance to enjoy one free drink per night at some of the UK’s top bars. From a refreshing pint of Guinness at the local pub to a delightful Grey Goose Spritz at a trendy cocktail bar, users can indulge in a variety of complimentary beverages while exploring new venues.

To start using the Dusk App, simply download it onto your smartphone and create an account. Once you have the app, you can use the compass feature to discover the coolest bars in your area and redeem a free drink every night. To make transactions secure, link your card safely at dusk. And the best part? You can earn points every time you spend on food and drink with your card, which can be used to unlock exclusive rewards. Cheers to that!

You can get free drinks with Dusk App, but you can also get exclusive rewards and experiences. By earning points every time they spend at thousands of Dusk bars across the country, users can access brand rewards and enjoy unique experiences that are tailored to their interests and preferences.

Dusk App allows users to not only discover new venues and enjoy complimentary beverages but also plan their perfect night out with the help of guides curated by local nightlife experts. From finding the newest bars to exploring the hottest openings, Dusk App ensures that users have access to the coolest bars and the best experiences for their night out.

Whether you’re in the bustling city of London, the vibrant streets of Manchester, or the cultural hub of Bristol, Dusk App is available in multiple cities across the UK. From Newcastle to Brighton, and from Birmingham to York, users can enjoy the benefits of Dusk App and explore new venues no matter where they are in the country.

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