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About Coway

Coway, a renowned global leader in environmental solutions, was established in South Korea. The company has gained recognition for its exceptional range of high-quality air purifiers, water purifiers, and wellness products. In 2023, Coway’s revenue exceeded 3 billion USD, solidifying its position as a significant player in the industry. Notably, the globally acclaimed Korean pop star BTS continues to serve as Coway’s esteemed brand ambassador, further amplifying the brand’s influence and global reach.

In 2021, Coway expanded its operations to Europe with the launch of Coway Europe. This strategic move aimed to provide advanced environmental solutions explicitly tailored to meet the diverse needs of the European market. Coway Europe stands out for its innovative approach, merging creativity with cutting-edge technology to develop air purification and water filtration systems that seamlessly integrate with European lifestyles.

Coway’s market-leading signature brands, including Airmega for fresh air care, Aquamega for clean water care, Bidetmega for hygienic body care, Coway Mattress for pleasant sleep care, and other lifestyle products, are all meticulously crafted with the company’s proprietary technologies.

Their products are designed to provide comprehensive solutions for enhancing daily life, ensuring that every aspect of your environment is cared for. With a relentless focus on technology-oriented passion, Coway continues introducing pioneering products that elevate the quality of life and offer a comprehensive, sensuous living care experience.

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