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CluedUpp Games is an independent games studio that creates immersive outdoor experiences and team-building events in over 80 countries worldwide. With over 1 million players across the globe, CluedUpp is the perfect team-building activity for friends, family and colleagues. Can you crack the case?

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What is CluedUpp?

CluedUpp is a unique and engaging outdoor game that challenges players to solve a thrilling mystery by following clues, interacting with the environment, and collaborating with their team. It provides an exciting and interactive way to bond with others while putting their detective skills to the test.

CluedUpp offers immersive outdoor adventures that are perfect for a day out with a difference. With the use of your phone, you’ll compete against other teams, crack clues, complete challenges, and solve a mystery against the clock, all while enjoying a unique and innovative experience that brings families, friends, and colleagues together.

On the day of your event, you’ll need to download our award-winning event app, which will help to guide you around your chosen location. The app will provide you with clues, challenges, and interactive elements to enhance your experience as you solve the thrilling mystery. Additionally, make sure to bring comfortable shoes and a sense of adventure as you explore the city and work together to crack the case!

Once you’ve purchased your CluedUpp experience, you will receive an order confirmation email that serves as your event ticket. A few weeks before the event, you will receive another email revealing the start location. However, if your plans change and you’re unable to attend, our Flex Pass allows you to exchange your ticket for any other CluedUpp event.

With over 8 million players in over 80 countries, CluedUpp has become a popular choice for team-building activities. Whether you’re playing with friends, family, or colleagues, this thrilling outdoor game challenges your detective skills and encourages collaboration as you work together to crack the case. It’s a fun and engaging way to bond with others while putting your problem-solving abilities to the test.

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