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Serving the first specialty grade Robusta beans on the market, Black Sheep Coffee are proud to be innovators in the coffee industry. With cafes, kiosks and cocktail bars across the globe, come and soak up the vibe and enjoy the perfect cup.

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What is Black Sheep Coffee?

Black Sheep Coffee is known for its unique brewing methods and commitment to sustainability. They’ve carved out a reputation for being eco-conscious and brewing their coffee a little differently. This post aims to give you a taste of what Black Sheep Coffee is all about, from its history to its speciality coffee offerings and dedication to ethical practices.

They started in 2013, thanks to two mates, Gabriel Shohet and Eirik Holth, who shared a passion for coffee and a desire to shake things up in the industry. Their innovative brewing methods and high-quality beans quickly gained a following, starting with their first coffee shop in London.

Black Sheep Coffee focuses on speciality coffee, making it a standout brand. They source beans from all corners of the globe, ensuring only the finest and most unique flavours make it into their blends. Whether you’re a single-origin purist or a fan of expertly crafted blends, Black Sheep Coffee caters to all tastes.

Taking Coffee to the Next Level

Black Sheep Coffee is dedicated to using cutting-edge technology and brewing techniques to deliver a superior coffee experience for every customer. They utilise state-of-the-art equipment, like Slayer espresso machines and Steampunk brewing systems, to extract every ounce of flavour and aroma from their carefully selected beans.

Their commitment to sustainability and ethical practices runs throughout their entire operation. They work closely with farmers to ensure fair trade practices and support environmental conservation efforts. As a socially responsible choice for coffee lovers, they actively seek ways to minimise waste and reduce their carbon footprint.

Since its London roots, Black Sheep Coffee has seen rapid growth, expanding its global presence. Today, you’ll find their coffee shops in various cities worldwide, including New York, Manchester, Amsterdam, and many more. Their unwavering commitment to exceptional coffee served in a unique and welcoming setting is the recipe for their success.

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