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Get £1 bonus when you redeem the Airtime Rewards Promo Code. Airtime Rewards Loyalty lets you save money on your phone bill every month.

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Airtime Rewards Loyalty lets you save money on your mobile bill every month. Join over 3 million O2- EE- Vodafone- Three and Giffgaff members who save on average £10 a month. More Less
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What is Airtime Rewards?

Airtime Rewards is an innovative mobile app that allows users to earn cashback on purchases from their favourite retailers. You can accumulate rewards with each transaction by linking your debit or credit cards to the app. The best part? These rewards can reduce your mobile phone bill, making it a win-win situation. You can also combine it with all the offers at BudgetFitter!

Joining Airtime Rewards is completely free and has already helped over 3 million members on O2, EE, Vodafone, Three, and giffgaff networks save money every time they shop. With an average monthly savings of £10, many members have even eliminated their mobile phone bills! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to save – join today and start earning cashback on your everyday purchases.

With over 150 partner brands, including popular UK retailers like Boots, Greggs, Argos, New Look, Halfords, and Clarks, Airtime Rewards offers many opportunities to earn cashback on your everyday spending. Whether grabbing a coffee, shopping for new clothes, or picking up essentials, you can enjoy the benefits of simultaneously earning rewards and reducing your mobile phone bill.

When linking your financial information to an app, it’s natural to have safety concerns. Rest assured, Airtime Rewards takes security seriously. The app uses advanced encryption methods to protect your data; your card information is never stored on their servers. With multiple layers of security in place, you can use Airtime Rewards with peace of mind.

How Does Airtime Rewards Work?

The process is straightforward once you have downloaded the Airtime Rewards app and linked your cards. Whenever you purchase at one of the participating retailers, you earn cashback. The app tracks your spending and calculates rewards based on a percentage of your purchase.

These earnings can offset your mobile phone bill, making it an excellent way to save money on monthly expenses. Unlike clunky cashback apps, Airtime Rewards doesn’t require voucher codes or fiddly receipts. Shop as normal in-store and online, and you’ll earn rewards that can reduce your mobile phone bill.

In addition to earning cashback on everyday purchases, Airtime Rewards offers limited-time Rewards Flashes, where you can earn up to 20% rewards with select retailers. To ensure you don’t miss out on these opportunities, turn on your push notifications and stay informed about the latest deals and promotions.

You can earn rewards by shopping at popular retailers, and the Airtime Rewards app also provides additional savings opportunities. You can earn even more cashback by purchasing gift cards from nationwide grocery retailers like ASDA, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose. You can also earn cashback by booking a trip through Additionally, you can save on phone insurance through, making it a comprehensive way to reduce your mobile phone bill.

With Challenges, you can get even more rewards and save even more. Collect a stamp every time you shop, complete your challenge, and unlock a monthly bonus. By participating in Challenges, you not only earn cashback on your everyday purchases but also have the opportunity to earn additional bonuses that further reduce your mobile phone bill.

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