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Travelling abroad? Airalo eSIM is the easiest way to stay connected

Discover how Airalo eSIM can help you stay connected to everyone back home while traveling abroad. Share your findings and experiences with ease using this innovative solution.

Despite travelling being fuelled by novelty and escapism, we often find ourselves dwelling on how to stay connected to everyone back home. The ability to share your findings and experiences whilst travelling is dependent on how you make these connections. Whether it’s through portable Wi-Fi, data roaming, or travel SIM cards it’s become very important.

Word of mouth and storytelling have led to a level of fear and stigma about streaming and communicating abroad. We’ve all heard the infamous story about how a young woman watched an episode of ‘Friends‘ on her boyfriend’s phone whilst travelling through Oceania, drawing up thousands of dollars. 

Well, this article is here to settle your mind. SIM cards and connection systems are constantly being updated with endless wanderers seeking to explore the depths of our beautiful world. The latest technology developed in the industry is eSIM, and we believe the best Airalo’s eSIM is the best option you have, in order to stay connected whilst roaming the world. 

We’re going to get into why Airalo eSIM is the easiest way to stay connected whilst travelling internationally, but first, it’s definitely necessary to answer questions about what an eSIM actually is and why we think they are the best route to go down whilst globetrotting.

What is an eSIM?

Put simply: an eSIM is simply a SIM without the physical card itself. You don’t receive any physical packaging or any cards that you have to insert. Instead, you simply choose your package, download it, and you are ready to go! Therefore, its benefits are numerous, both in terms of convenience and environmentalism, which is a rare thing. 

Their USP is that they tap into any network once they are in range. Therefore, you don’t constantly have to think about zones or changing suppliers, every time you’re feeling a little adventurous. If you’re new to travelling, trust me, this really is something special. If you’re already up to date, don’t worry, this article is still for you, as we have a list of benefits that you may have not yet considered. So, stick with us! Now, let’s get into it! 

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Benefits of using an ESIM 

  1. ESIMs are environmentally friendly. By using a digitalised form of a SIM card, you are taking away the unnecessary plastic use in the packaging. In 2020, over 4.5 million plastic SIM cards were produced and then shipped around the world. This obviously increases fuel emission, whilst also pouring micro-plastics into our oceans. 
  1. Moreover, the best part of eSIM is that you can actually get your SIM downloaded and ready before you even land at your destination. No more airport Wi-Fi rages, no more time-taxing queues. With eSIM you’re so prepared that as soon as the plane touches down you can start preparing your holiday hashtags. 
  1. Technical data jargon such as “bandwidth“, “micro-chip“, and “5G” is a huge turn-off and at the end of the day, you probably aren’t much of a tech guru. However, using an eSIM is actually indefinitely valuable as they are much better at reaching local data carriers than old-fashioned roaming styles. Therefore, delivering faster and more efficient service. 
  1. Lastly, despite my age, I’m actually really slow with technology. I don’t like how everything is becoming digitalised and trackable. But… we must move with the times. Looking at how every industry is quickly moving everything online, and the metaverse is looming, the chances are eSIMs are here to stay. It’s much better than you learn how to use the technology now before it gets too advanced in 5-10 years down the line.  

Why Airalo eSIM is the best option?

airalo screenshot
airalo screenshot

We’ve explained why you’re on the right path in looking at eSIMs, now it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of this article. For us, Airalo is a stand-out choice and here’s why:

  • Considering 80% of the world is now tuned in, you’re going to need a connection everywhere you go. Airalo is perfect for this as it provides data plans in over 190 countries. Competitors and alternative options are full of barriers and borders that take you off certain services. However, Airalo’s eSIM is one of the fastest methods for connecting to new providers in different areas
  • Airalo offers specific time packages. You no longer need to get shackled into a 1-2 year-long deal in each country. Their eSIM provider gives you the opportunity to opt for 3-day or 7-day deals, dependent on how long you are in each country. Those of you who are interrailing and are barely going to stay put, its best that you look at Airalo eSIM’s wide range of options
  • One of the most popular benefits of Airalo’s eSIM is that you get to keep your phone number, no matter where you end up. This is really important if you need to provide 2-step phone verifications, or you need to deal with some admin emergency that comes up whilst you’re out of town. Moreover, switching phone numbers and messing around makes it harder to connect with your friends back home, especially if you’re not on social media.
  • Airalo eSIMs are very affordable. For example, the 30-days GB and Euro link packages is just $13. Considering the services that Airalo provide as well as the connection, that’s a pretty good price when compared with competitors. 

As you can probably tell by now, we are huge fans of Airalo eSIMs. The eSIM market is a competitive one, with many honourable mentions such as GigSky, Airhub, or Yoho Mobile. However, through lots of cross-comparison, we have decided that Airalo is top of the league.

With the above benefits, as well as the fact that they offer the cheapest global plan 4G LTE and simultaneously receive excellent customer reviews constantly, we think the choice is clear.

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